martes, 19 de febrero de 2019


Estimados socios, a continuación les enviamos información de interés.

Aprovechamos para recordarles que ya pueden abonar sus cuotas societarias correspondientes al año 2019, los valores son los siguientes:

·                     Profesionales (incluye a los estudiantes de posgrado): U$12 por año 
·                     Estudiantes de grado: U$6 por año 
·                     Jubilados: sin cargo 

Pueden acceder a la información sobre los medios de pago en la pestaña “Socios” de nuestro Blog:


XV Simposio Brasilero de Paleobotánica y Palinología (4 al 7 Septiembre, Cuiabá, Brasil)
Continúa abierta la recepción de resúmenes:
Recuerden que siendo socios con cuota al día de la ALPP el valor de la inscripción es menor.

XXXVII Jornadas Argentina de Botánica (9 al 13 Septiembre, Tucumán, Argentina)
Información actualizada: 

XXXIV Encuentro de sedimentología (10 al 13 de Septiembre, Roma, Italia)

Nos llegó la siguiente información al respecto:

"Dear Colleagues,

The submission of abstracts to the next IAS conference in Rome ( ) is now open. We would like to invite you to consider submitting an abstract to session 11.9  “Organic matter in palaeoenvironmental, palaeogeographical and hydrocarbon exploration research: progress and perspectives”:

The session will focus on the progress of current research and the role of organic matter, palynofacies and palynology studies as an important tool in geoscience. A wide range of topics highlighting the application of organic matter studies to hydrocarbon exploration, palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and stratigraphy will be included.
The session aims at stimulating discussions and collaboration on:

*Integrated palynofacies, organic facies and sedimentological analyses as contribute to palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and basin evaluation.
*Organic facies as tool for palaeogeographic and paleoclimate reconstructions;
*Palaeobiogeographic reconstructions by means of marine and terrestrial palynomorph associations.
* Thermal maturity assessment of organic matter by optical and geochemical methods.

Participants are invited to present methodological approaches and significant case studies in reconstructing depositional environments, burial and thermal modelling of sedimentary basins, cyclostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, etc..
All these topics are crucial for the future application of organic matter studies as a fundamental research in the fields of Earth Science. 
We look forward to seeing you in Rome!

Best regards, 
Amalia Spina, Annette Götz and Nicoletta Buratti"

Newsletter de la IFPS
Nos llegó la siguiente información que deseamos compartir con ustedes
Dear AASP-TPS members,

Please find attached the latest PALYNOS newsletter from the International Federation of Palynological Societies, of which we are a member.

Also, I hope that you all have our 52nd Annual Meeting in your diaries (Ghent, Belgium 30th June – 5th July). Registration and abstract submission is open so take advantage of those early bird rates

I would also like to point out our new membership rates for those in countries of low to upper-middle economies (as compiled by the World Bank). If you know or collaborate with anyone from these countries then please let them know of this great opportunity which comes with online access to Palynology as well as all of the other benefits members have.

Finally, please check to see if you need to renew your membership of AASP-TPS this year. So far, only ~2/3 are fully paid up this year. Any queries, please ask me.

All the best


Newsletter de la IOP